An ill-advised tweet sent by T Magazine’s new editor Deborah Needleman has inspired a twitter trending topic that’s being used by feminists (amusingly) and non-feminists (less amusingly) alike.

The tweet in question concerned a public appearance by professional hater baiter Katie Roiphe, whose trollsome topics have included “women are suddenly into BDSM because they have jobs now,” “feminists should not be funny,” and “fuck anyone who calls me out for my unexamined privilege”:

Needleman was obviously trying to be funny, but the tweet picked at the old wound caused by media’s numerous attempts to make feminism look bad by implying that we hate all stereotypically feminine things, so some people got annoyed. But because us modern femiladyist bloggers favor the Roiphe-disapproved tactic of making our enemies look laughable and ridiculous instead of simply screeching at them, a whole bunch of people started tweeting typically girly things they like with the hashtag “#sorryfeminists,” to make fun of the outdated idea that you have to be a hairy, bra-burning, lesbian to believe in equal rights (not that there’s anything wrong with that!):

There’s also an amazing Tumblr dedicated to animated GIFs of the meme.

Of course, as with most kinds of meta-humor, some people didn’t get it, and tried to use the trending topic for reasons other than its intended purpose:

Never let it be said that feminism’s enemies are not totally quick on the uptake.

(Via Jezebel)