You could get a Stay Puft inflatable Marshmallow Man for your Halloween decorating needs this year, but why would you? It’s great and all, squishy to the touch and will have kids of younger generations confused as to just how much damage the Stay Puft man can do, but it’s not very original. If you could get Dr. Peter Venkmen to stand next to it, then that will be the ticket, but something tells me that Bill Murray might be a bit busy to devote such time your front yard.

Then there’s the creative route — if you have the time — where you can make a bunch of your own decorations (outside of the traditional carving of the pumpkin). With some orange sparkles and plastic ghoul-like figures from your closest arts and crafts store and voila! Halloween decorating is done!

But then there’s the Etsy path. Etsy really never ceases to surprise when it comes to, er, interesting, yes, interesting is the adjective we’re going to use here, goodies for all your decorating needs.

Huffington Post was kind enough to gather up some of the creepiest of the creepy, and strangest of the strange that you can find on Etsy this year for whatever Halloween theme you’re going for or trying to convey to your neighbors. As a huge fan of Etsy, I was excited to see some of these items showcased, but am still confused as to what I’ve been looking at for the last 20 minutes.

There’s this:

Clearly a head in a basket that would make for a divine Halloween table centerpiece? Yes. Toss in some bread, too, and it becomes multi-purpose.

Then this:

Definitely a mummy sleepover, or maybe a mummy and a mummy-baby cuddling? Either way, pin this to your front door and “Trick or Treaters” will be shakin’ in their boots, or perplexed. But if you’re evoking some sort of response with your decorations, then that’s all that counts!

So, now who’s inspired to get to work on those Halloween decorations? I can already feel the creative energy in the air.


Photos: Etsy