It’s hard to know what to make of 28-year-old Erin Holdsworth, who was pulled over in her home state of Ohio for driving over 110 MPH and, after being asked to step out of the vehicle, emerged wearing only a completely see-through tube top and a white g-string. She was reportedly wasted, and although she refused a sobriety test initially, she can be seen in footage of the arrest somewhat incriminatingly wavering while attempting to stand still.

Once Holdsworth got in the back of the police car, she proceeded to epicly lose her shit. She kicked at the glass (still wearing the thong!) and screamed, and even hit her head against the divider.

So. Is she batshit crazy?

Does she have the funnest life this side of “True Romance”?

Or was she just leaving her job at the cluh?

It’s tough to tell, but hopefully we’ll be hearing more about this spirited young lady in the near future.

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