400x266_12271837_resolutionsIt’s roughly 1030am EST. Depending on where you live in the world you could be only a few hours into the new year or several hours into it. This also means that if you made any resolutions — depending on what they were — you could have actually broken them by now. I know if I had resolved to get up at 8am every weekday morning in 2013, I would have already messed up that goal. Good thing I’m a rebel and didn’t make such a promise to myself!

(I told you resolutions were bad.)

Since the New Year is, for many, a new start and a chance to make some changes, what — if you dared to play the resolution game — did you say you’d conquer this year? Here are a few of the most popular resolutions people usually make every year, and here’s hoping that if you did make one, it was far more creative than these below.

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