Remember back in the day, when all we had to play with were sticks and hoops and Nintendo? It was a little after Atari, a little before…um, I have no idea. I stopped paying attention in the post-Super Mario Bros. world.

And that’s how I intend to stay. Also, I just learned that Tetris may have more benefits than just being immensely — almost inexplicably — satisfying. According to CNN:

“The rapid-fire visual puzzles that make Tetris so engrossing may also make the video game a promising treatment for post-traumatic stress, a new study suggests….playing Tetris soon after a traumatic experience appears to protect against these flashbacks, by distracting the brain from the event and short-circuiting how upsetting memories and images are stored.”

Dude. I always knew something special was happening there. Didn’t you?

So while I’m not sure that Tetris was my favorite Nintendo game (tie between Zelda and Mario 3, if you must know) it reinforces the fact that video games were at their best in the late 1980’s, a fact about which no one will ever convince me otherwise. There was also, of course, Duck Hunt, Donkey Kong, and…well, that might have been it.

What about you? What was your favorite Nintendo game?