The Girl Scouts have taught us so much over the years. How to build a fire, how to rock a sash and how to eerily recite a motto in a room full of other little girls.

C’mon. That is slightly creepy, right? Those little voices? Those earnest tones? It’s like a whole roomful of the twins from The Shining. “Play with us. Forever and ever.”

Sorry. Got lost there for a second. Back to what really ROCKS about the girl scouts, aside from their pro-girl stance, is their COOKIES.

The Girl Scouts are introducing a new cookie to celebrate their 100th anniversary. Called Savannah Smiles and named after the Girl Scout founder’s hometown, the company had this to say about the newest edition:

“Celebrate the anniversary of the Girl Scouts with these bite-sized, lemon-wedge cookies dusted in powdered sugar and bursting with lemon flavor. Enjoy these delightful treats, remember where Girl Scouts began …and smile.”

These “Savannah Smiles” have a lot to live up to. Everybody has long already had their favorite Girl Scout cookie. What kind of woman are these new cookies hoping to attract?

To answer that question, we must first delve into the the psycology of the other classic (sorry, no “thank u berry much” here folks) cookies we have come to know and love. What does your favorite Girl Scout Cookie say about you? And who will be swayed by this new cookie’s lemony siren?
Answers Below!