We were pretty stoked when we read on Jezebel that one blogger had compiled an “anti-bucket list.” In response to the popular trend of compiling bucket lists of things do before you die (for instance: See Paris. Fall in love. Have an original idea) Jill has laid out some things that she probably could do, but will never do. They range from “raising chickens” to “hosting dinner parties with food I actually cook myself.” It’s fun to say there are some things we’ll never do! And it made us think of some of our own. They include:

Become vegan

Skydiving. Or bungee jumping. Anything that involves hurling ourselves through the sky, really.

Waking up early to go to the gym

Grow my own vegetables

Any kind of outward bound adventure where we’re left alone in the woods

Hot yoga

Feel free to share anything that you never feel a need to do.