For a long time now, there’s been a bitter divide in this country when it comes to reproductive health. I’m not talking about the abortion wars of the past 50 years — I’m talking about those of us that think reproductive health humor is funny, and those that don’t.

The most recent victim of this cultural rift is New York Schools Chancellor Cathie Black. When addressing a group of parents in lower Manhattan on the issue of overcrowding in schools and how it’s likely to get worse in the coming years, Black had this to say:

“Could we just have some birth control?…It would really help us out a lot.”

In other words, not only was she making a joke, she was making a joke that was funny! Which is so rare with politicians these days. But instead of praising her for finding the will to persevere with laughter in these difficult times, the New York Post reports that people have been giving Black a hard time for the comment, with mean-spirited detractors saying that overcrowding isn’t a laughing matter, and implying that somehow joking about birth control is inappropriate. Mayor Bloomberg finally had to come to her defense earlier today, reminding people that she is new to public office and was making a joke.

Well, to heck with all that. The only thing funnier than a well-timed birth control joke is a well-timed abortion joke. And while the world might not be ready for that quite yet, I think it’s high time that we put down our torches, met in the middle, and agreed that a little population control humor might be just what this country needs.