Six months ago we lost one of the most beautiful voices to have ever existed when Whitney Houston‘s life was cut tragically short. Although Houston’s acting ability was questioned by many, she still continued to score the occasional role and Sparkle, her fifth and final film, was actually a movie for which she had secured rights in the mid-90’s with her production company, BrownHouse. A remake of the 1976 film of the same name, the lead role of Sparkle was meant to be filled by Aaliyah, but not unsimilar to Houston herself, Aaliyah’s untimely death in 2001 put everything on hold.

Almost ten years passed before the movie finally got up and off the ground with American Idol winner Jordin Sparks (appropriate name for the role, no?) in the lead actress seat. Houston, whose death occurred just three month after shooting ended, plays Sparks’ mother. Admist drugs, abuse and family drama, most notably with her sister named Sister, mind you, Sparkle tries to overcome it all to make her dreams a reality. I’m pretty sure this is a topic Hollywood may have covered a few times already, but I could be wrong.

If you look at any of the stills from the movie, it’s hard to believe that Houston was just months away from her February 2012 death. She looks radiant and as though she not only put her demons to bed, but actually killed them so she could once again be the star she was before she met Bobby Brown.

Even for those who are not fans of Whitney Houston, Sparkle is gauranteed to be an emotional ride for anyone who goes to see it. Like the lead character, Sparkle, both Sparks and Houston had dreams that they wanted to achieve and eventually they both did in their own ways. Movies about struggling to fulfill those dreams are always difficult for anyone who has either given up or been banging their head against the wall in the hopes that their opportunity is right around the corner. And when you have the late Houston gracing the screen, a woman who knows both the highs and lows of fame and success, you can gaurantee a tear fest. I haven’t even seen the movie, and even I’m getting choked up at the thought.

Anyone have plans to see the movie this weekend?


Photo: AP