Protesters In Texas Statehouse Block Texas Lawmakers From Passing Abortion Bill

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! If you are a woman who loves freedom, chances are you also love Texas’ 10th district rep/champion of reproductive rights/feats of strength specialist Wendy Davis. But how would you feel about her if you knew she had changed her appearance since college?

A new website called The Real Wendy Davis has devoted itself to uncovering the dark secrets of Wendy Davis’ hotness in an effort to discredit her feminist beliefs and alleged non-witch status. The site, which is maybe satire but probably not, sets forth a great deal of damning evidence against her, like the fact that the 50-year-old lawmaker has changed her hair color and gotten “more attractive” in the 22 years since she graduated from Harvard Law School. To drive the point home, they juxtapose Wendy’s “then” and “now” photos with photos of Barack Obama and law professor Glenn Reynolds, I guess to show how a normal law school graduate should age:

Both men were good looking in their late 20s, and both remain good looking in their early 50s (despite all the guns and alcohol), but no one would suggest they arebetter looking than when they were younger.

Now consider Texas state Senator Wendy R. Davis, who has recently been in the news being touted (however dubiously) as the Left’s technologically enhancedfeminist superhero.”  She is 50 years old.  Yet, unlike Reynolds and Obama, but like Mac Davis, it appears she gets better looking each day.  If she has not found the Fountain of Youth, at minimum she has found very talented plastic surgeons and image consultants who have readied her for her closeup.

Why, it’s almost as if women in the public eye are held to a more stringent standard of beauty than their male counterparts!

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The site’s main thesis seems to be that Wendy Davis’ feminine appearance cancels out her feminist beliefs, because everyone knows real feminists are unattractive, bra-burning, hair-covered harridans:

For someone who in the early 1990s was a feminist activist in law school, and who is currently posing as a champion of women’s rights, standing up to men who seek to dictate the way women should live, she seems to have devoted an unusual amount of attention to her physical appearance.

But despite this blog’s preponderance of slam dunk gotchas, many defensive liberals have made fun of it in the past few days in a futile effort to combat its overwhelming rightness. So its clever author(s) created a second post wherein they compared Wendy Davis to some of her female classmates in an effort to prove just how much of a “fake blonde human Barbie doll” she is. Gotcha squared!

That’s right, feminazis: if you fail to conform to cultural stereotypes in any way, your human rights are automatically null and void. In other news, black people who dislike fried chicken are no longer allowed to vote, and Jews who are bad with money must stay inside during the day.

(PS: Not that it matters, but Wendy Davis does not appear to have had any work done, although I would not put it past the people who mistake the morning after pill for a medical abortion to conflate hairdressers with plastic surgeons.)

(Via Salon)

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