The ubiquitous chatter about Mad Men and a recent visit to Chicago’s Beauty Bar, a “time capsule of big hair, pink nails, and dry martinis,” got me thinking about why many women are suddenly nostalgic of the glamour and culture of 1960s America. Captivated as well, here are a few reasons why I might be willing to forgo today’s technology and social mores:

  • Texting, emailing, tweeting, facebooking, and other passive forms of communication don’t exist. All gentleman callers can choose from calling the landline or getting creative.
  • Eating pie without processed transfats, preservatives, and guilt.
  • Marilyn Monroe is rocking bleached blonde hair and so can you.
  • Men wear suits— not business casual.
  • Seeing The Graduate in a dark movie theatre while necking, not on a digitally remastered blu-ray widescreen DVD.
  • French manicures are fashionable and don’t cost more than a basic manicure.
  • Paul Newman is still a dreamy movie star. His role as a salad dressing mogul comes later.
  • Entwining yourself in the dramatic lives of Anne, Neely, and Jennifer in Valley of the Dolls is considered a guilty pleasure, not reality television.