You’ve probably already seen Taylor Swift’s video for “22” but have you seen this one for being 32? No? Here are both of them so you can grasp the subtle differences in the ages.

This is 22:


This is 32:


32 sounds way, way better. Way better.

Just so we can compare, what do you get when you’re 22?

  • Breakfast at midnight
  • Hipster attire (large glasses, maybe? Large, wholly unnecessary glasses?)
  • Very crowded bars
  • Severe sleep deprivation
  • Confusion, loneliness (possibly related to the sleep deprivation)
  •  It seems like a lot of dancing? A whole ton of dancing.
  • People that are bad news

Meanwhile, at 32 you get…

  • A dentist, maybe! A partner who supports you going out and finding a dentist (I just found a dentist I like, and it is the thing I am most proud of this month, maybe).
  • Xanax and wine!
  • Tiny little dinner parties
  • A job! Which you go to.
  • Sweatpants
  • A really fantastic relationship with your mom, who you now think is, “Super cool.”
  • A copy of 50 Shades of Grey, for which you have some kind of feelings
  • A cat!
  • Chinese food
  • A delicious block night cheese (I think it’s gouda).

I’m sorry, but, taking all that into consideration, how could anybody prefer to be 22? Bars crowded with cool people are fun essentially 0% of the time, while cuddling with cats is fun almost always. Did you see that block of gouda? It looks delicious. I’m going to go off and make a cheese sandwich right now, but it will not be nearly as exciting as the one in that video.