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Last night, Kim and Khloe Kardashian went out clubbing in Manhattan. They each brought along their significant others – Kim’s new boyfriend Miles Austin and Khloe’s husband Lamar Odom. Pretty ordinary, right? Double dates with my sister tend to involve going to a movie or something, but if you want to go clubbing that’s totally your prerogative. However, the klan (sorry, couldn’t resist) is apparently worthy of free security provided by the New York City police department. NYPD officers escorted the foursome to the club Avenue at 2 AM.

In the words of the great Amy Poehler… really? If Kim, Khloe, and Ko are so worried about their safety, they can doubtlessly afford bodyguards. But asking the good people of New York to pay for them to be waited on by members of the police force, who would be better off devoting their time to dealing with actual crimes, is absurd.