Maybe Kevin Federline is astonishingly charming. Maybe he has a 10-inch cock that he wields like a giant luxury yacht expertly navigating a wild sea. Or maybe he’s just really sweet.

But there has to be something special about the actor/dancer/rapper/model, because yesterday, former pro-volleyball star Victoria Price became the third woman this decade to give birth to a Federline. The others include, of course, actress Shar Jackson and Britney Spears, each of whom have two of his offspring.

These continual pregnancies come despite the fact that Federline, if I may be blunt, seems fame-hungry, and at something of a loss in terms of what to do with his life. He released a rap album that was a colossal failure, has done a few appearances on TV shows but nothing that stuck, and frankly, he looks a bit out of shape these days to get back to his original career of choice: back-up dancing.

On top of that, he hasn’t been a particularly great partner. He left Jackson while she was pregnant with their second child, and his intentions with uber-famous Brit-Brit were questionable. But he keeps knocking women up, and women keep getting knocked up by him. I don’t understand. The fact that he doesn’t have his shit together is a readily accessible piece of information for anyone with two eyes (or even one!) and an internet connection.

Do you have any insight into the appeal of Fed-sperm?