Yes. There is a show called Embarrassing Bodies. The show is about a group of doctors who assess the problems of real patients’ medical concerns in a special clinic because they are too embarrassed about their bodies to go see their regular doctor (but not too embarrassed to be shown on television?). And when they say embarrassing, they mean it. The featured video on the show’s homepage is “How to Check Your Balls.” I can only imagine the patient who inspired this advice video. From damaged feet from wearing high heels, to really gross looking sores on someone’s head to retrograde ejaculation, the show features some of the grossest, weirdest and pretty embarrassing health issues. The patients’ rewards for being on the show is not monetary — it’s the treatment, no matter how unique the necessary treatment may be. And even better, the doctors give general advice to its public viewers at the end of each show. So if a patient has a weird penis problem, those people who happen to be watching the show with a penis problem they’re too embarrassed to see anybody about can now seek help. Genius.

Unfortunately, it’s only shown in the United Kingdom and apparently, it’s a huge hit. The show started off a decade ago as a documentary and was so popular that it was eventually made into the one-hour episodes it is now. It has different spin-offs too, like “Embarrassing Old Bodies,” “Embarrassing Teenage Bodies” and “Embarrassing Bodies: Kids.” The show is the most watched in the UK, averaging up to 4 million viewers for its time slot. Perhaps it’s because people are intrigued by all things weird and gross.

Here at TheGloss, we love TV. Especially reality TV. And we would especially love to be watching Embarrassing Bodies as a part of our prime-time reality schedule. It smells of reality gold. Weird people with weird problems (hello, Hoarders and really any medical series on TLC). I suspect it may have issues transferring over to American TV due to censorship issues. We will most definitely not be getting “Embarrassing Teenage Bodies” or “Embarrassing Bodies: Kids” anytime soon thanks to pedophiles and the British version of the show literally shows everything. But I really don’t think it should be a problem moving across the Atlantic for an American version. With the help of a few black bars and maybe some camera angle adjustments, the FCC shouldn’t have too much to worry about. Think of all the cool science that comes from this show. Think of all the people who are too afraid to go to their general practitioners and tell them they have a supernumerary nipple. Think of how entertaining helpful this show will be. Think about all the glorious entertainment you are being deprived from when you watch this video (and how often you will brush your teeth):

*Warning: Video not suitable for an unsettled stomach*