Do you check your tampon applicators before you insert them? Let me tell you something — after you read this story, I bet you will.

A woman in Utah named Cindy Davidson bought her cotton vag plugs from a discount store in Salt Lake City. When she got them home, she opened a few, and noticed some white powder. There, inside the applicators, were little baggies of cocaine.

Now, some of us here at The Gloss like drugs. And that’s totally fine — we embrace each other’s choices with open arms. But I myself am not a drug person. And I feel fairly certain that if cocaine came in contact with the mucus membranes of my vagina, I would get high from it. And I’d be pissed.

If I’m going to do cocaine (I’m not), I want it to be on my own terms (terms that will never exist). The last thing I want to do is to waste a doing of drugs on something unintentional. That’s bullshit. On top of which, it’s fucking dangerous (that’s my mindset about things…hence, not a drug user).

Anyway, what’s even more unnerving is that the person smuggling the cocaine got it in the tampons without fucking with the box — Davidson says it wasn’t tampered with. That means this was an inside job, people — someone at your local tampon factory is smuggling drugs, via your vagina!

It actually doesn’t make that much sense. But I’m not going to think too much about the convoluted series of events that probably had to happen in order for this all to go down. I’m just going to check my tampon applicators from here on out.