We all deal with certain concerns when a loved one dies. Who should you invite to the funeral? How religious should the ceremony be? Where can you find a hollowed out Barack Obama skull to stick their ashes in? Cremation Solutions is able to help with the last one! Their website notes:

“Now we can create a custom cremation urn for ashes in the image of your loved one or favorite celebrity or hero, even President Obama! Personal urns can have hair added digitaly for short haired people, as in the sample of President Obama. For longer hair we can add a wig to your specifications. A solid brass nameplate is available. This cremation urn rest on a solid black marble base. The ashes are loaded from the bottom.”

So you could spend eteternity inside a plastic Obama skull that was wearing a Tina Turner wig. And for only $2,600. It’s things like this that mean I have to constantly remind people that when I die, I just want to be left on the doorstep of someone I don’t like very much.