Look. There’s no way Kim Kardashian is going to do anything other than say that she was deeply in love and, oh, things didn’t work out. She also claims that she didn’t do it for the money, I imagine because being seen as a calculating fameball with no regard for marriage would tarnish her image. But what if – in a parallel universe – she just said “yes, I was in it for money and publicity, and, goddamn, it worked! WINNING!” It would not make it a good thing she did, she’d still be a phony, but at least she’d seem like a real phony.

Obviously, that would make (foolish) people less inclined to view her as America’s sweetheart, and she would probably get less messages from crazypants fans telling her they admire her strength, but then, among thinking human beings, her reputation is already ruined anyway. Maybe if she was completely, refreshingly honest with people it would… certainly make me see her as less “objectively vile” and more “interesting product of our times, yearning to break free.”

I’m reminded of Lincoln Beachey, the famed aviator. When he was flying, a little after the turn of the century, planes would occasionally go into a death spin. When this happened, pilots would naturally try to resist the spin, by flying upwards, or turning away from the direction of the spiral. Both of those things causes the plane to crash (as Kim’s reputation is doing right now). Lincoln Beachey was the first aviator to realize that you have to fly into the spin. Wikipedia notes: “Kicking his rudder in the direction of the spin, Beachey held it there … after a drop of some five hundred feet, the plane showed unmistakable signs of tameness…Taking full control again, Beachey cruised around in the blue skies, master of all surveyed.”

What I wonder is: should Kim Kardashian fly into the spin?

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