Does your apartment lack a certain pretentious blonde element? Do you regularly wish you could have somebody to go shopping for $90 white t-shirts with? Is Mick Jagger harassing you lately and needs to just GOOP off?

Well, that’s all possible now! That is, if you have a ton of money. And are very charitable. Or just really, really desperate to hang out with Gwyneth Paltrow.

As part of CFDA and Vogue‘s new initiative, Fashion for Sandy Relief, Paltrow is volunteering her time to be auctioned off for Hurricane Sandy relief purposes. And she’s not the only one: celebrities like Mario Batali, Coco Rocha and even Anna Wintour all have their time and services up for grabs in order to benefit efforts.

A part of me is stoked that this is a charitable event–after all, it will hopefully encourage rich people who need an incentive to donate money towards rebuilding disaster-stricken areas besides, oh, doing a good thing for others. On the other hand, I sort of just wish incredibly wealthy celebrities would be willing to give considerable amounts of money rather than just a few hours of their timer. To be fair, lots of celebrities have donated to the cause, so I’m by no means saying all famous folks are selfish assholes; I just see a lot of the media eagerly patting famous people on the back for doing easy things like this when there are thousands of others volunteering in intense, stressful manners whose efforts are much less publicized and supported.

Nevertheless, I am still glad that the money from whatever poor goose (well, rich, but you know what I mean) she has dinner with will be going toward a good cause that definitely needs support. So, good job Paltrow, for being significantly less annoying than usual. In the event that you would like to be the aforementioned goose, go to Charity Buzz and submit your bid!

Photo Credit: Sean Thorton/WENN.COM