Plenty of photos have documented the fact that Prince Harry is BFFs with his brother William and his new sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. But now news has broken that the younger prince is moving in with the newlyweds(-ish) for a while, as all three sort out their future living arrangements. According to People:

After returning from his tour of the Caribbean and Brazil, the prince, 27, took his bags from his rooms at Clarence Houseover [sic] over to the Kensington Palace compound where Prince William and Kate live.

Granted, Kensington Palace is actually a collection of apartments, and the three royals will have their own quarters (and in Kate and William’s case, “apartment” actually means “five-bedroom house“) — but still. It does make one think about one’s siblings, doesn’t it?

So the question is, would you move in with your brothers or sisters? Into the same apartment? The same building? Next door to each other? Or not anywhere close, ever at all?

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