As you’ll recall, Kate Middleton has a second cousin once removed who is a burlesque dancer.

Katrina Darling only learned last year that she’s related to the Duchess of Cambridge, but that hasn’t stopped her from capitalizing as hard as possible on her newfound claim to the British royal family. She has a royals-themed act, and now, she’s shopping a royals-themed reality TV show.

I’ll admit that when I first heard this news, I was all, celebutante alert! This is a cheesy and shameless grab for fame.

But then, I gave it some more thought. And I realized, wait a second. It’s women like Katrina that have been making things interesting for the royals for centuries. Courtesans, scandals, betrayals — all of them need someone at their center, and what could be more of the modern-day equivalent to Wallis Simpson than a reality-TV-hungry burlesque dancer? It’s the only way.

So my fascinator is off to Katrina. I hope she lands a show. And I hope it causes a ruckus. Because honestly, the British royal family is overdue for a good ruckus.