Harvard has some of the smartest entrepreneurial alums. Mark Zuckerberg. I’m stopping there because going through the list of Harvard graduates on Wikipedia is making me sick. But, its latest and greatest entrepreneurial do-gooder is Elizabeth Scharpf. Don’t know who she is? Well she created an affordable sanitary pad for women made from banana trees. Cool. I think.

I’m not really an eco-living kind of person. Not because I hate the environment. I love the Earth! It helps me breathe and feeds me! I use a really cool, eco-friendly water bottle, so there’s that too. But I just really don’t care if the face moisturizer I use has some chemical in it that kills berries. You know, that kind of eco-living. So when I hear that this Elizabeth Scharpf created an eco-friendly pad, I basically just reacted with a “WTF? Who’s going to use a pad that’s made from bananas?” The inventor herself seems pretty awesome. She founded an organization that helps women in Africa run their own banana pad businesses. That’s neat and very humanitarian. I officially support her. But I’m just worried for her. I don’t know how well this banana pad business will do in America. The land where chicken nuggets are made from pink goo. She won a design award for it too. Sure it’s innovative and will help solve worldwide health problems. But national health problems? I don’t know. I’d just feel uncomfortable wearing a pad (at all) that’s made from a banana tree. The picture just doesn’t bode well.