Do you Yelp? If so, prepare to get incredibly defensive.

Funny or Die has a new video called “Yelpers,” in which two girls who both Yelp regularly go into a restaurant and begin reviewing it immediately. Standout lines include: (one girl, while taking a picture of the other) “Ummm, stick your chin out like a turtle…um, like a turtle, though…but like, how a turtle would do it…like the animal, a turtle,” and “Oh! Read my review of my own apartment.”

I actually feel like Funny or Die has sold themselves short by saying that this video is just about Yelping when in fact, it tackles a number of pervasive modern social constructs: excessive sarcasm, the immediate disparaging of any remotely authentic sentiment (i.e., anything said by The Waiter), the persistent need to be liked evidenced by constant online photo-sharing, yet belied by an adamant “I don’t care” attitude.

As with any great art, I think we can all find inklings of ourselves in there…

[funnyordie video=”72fe31e013″]