Ladybits Comedy is an all-women comedy show founded by Abbi Crutchfield and TheGloss’ own Jen Dziura, who prior to settling on “Ladybits” (get it?), rejected the names “Chicks N’ McNuggets … of Comedy!”, and “Titillation and Assjokes.”

Jen, who has performed in comedy clubs from Boise, Idaho, to Memphis, TN, wanted to found a show where lady comics actually told jokes for an audience of (*gasp*) women. And where the women’s bathrooms were clean. And where people can just be nice to each other, and order fancy salads! And where the lady comics don’t have to be “hot” to get jobs.

If you live in the New York area, Ladybits will be kicking off tonight at 6:30 PM at Cornelia Street Cafe. There is a $7 cover (boo!) but you get a free drink (yay!) and cupcakes (even more yay!). After the August 11 kickoff, Ladybits will return as a regular weekly show beginning Wednesday, October 13th.

The Ladybits motto is “Equality! Hilarity! Booze!”, and, unlike the vast majority of other sources of humor, offers a feminism-filled vision statement. TheGloss is excited and proud to be a sponsor of this project. We’ll be posting videos, jokes, and other exclusive Ladybits stuff over the next couple of months.