These days, it’s all about the vagina. It’s like a competition to see who can have the most glamourous reproductive organ. I can tell you right now that I’m not in first place. Second or third, maybe. But seriously, will it ever stop?

We’ve taught you about designer vagina soap, vajazzling, and even clitter, but just when you thought this absurdity couldn’t get any weirder, here we are again with yet another way to add glam and glitz to your clit.

Completely Bare Spa in New York City is now offering a bikini ink treatment, appropriately nicknamed “va- ttooing.” The temporary tattoos are airbrushed and last about five days. This sounds familiar to the fake tattoos I bought as a child at the vending machines for a quarter. However, I don’t recall experimenting with different locations for my Strawberry Shortcake tattoos. The back of my hand was her favorite hangout spot.

Would you splurge on bikini ink? Maybe you already have some? Tell us about it.