It may have seem unlikely, but some reality TV stars have managed to stoop lower on the fame-whoring scale than they’ve ever been before by offering themselves up on to phone to fans, just to talk.

A new company called Dial-A-Star offers you the opportunity to call up your favorite personality and shoot the shit. To talk to Danielle Staub, you need to shell out $18 a minute. To talk to OctoMom, you’ll cough up $12 for sixty seconds. And at $20 a minute, Tila Tequila is the priciest (which, as an aside — shouldn’t Tila Tequila be kind of unreachable by phone right now?).

The worst part about this is that people are apparently taking them up on it. TMZ reports that Staub has made about $6,000 since the site launched last week. Dial-A-Star users, for the record, you are embarrassing yourselves.