Do you like to watch beautiful women falling down? According to a certain recent New Yorker article on women’s “likeability issues” in comedy, you sure as heck do. You see, in order to be allowed in movies at all, women must be stunningly and conventionally beautiful. But everyone hates beautiful women, you know, for their beauty. So then, in order to be “likeable” by you, the audience, said beautiful women must have bad things happen to them. Lots and lots of delightfully bad things. To quote the depressing New Yorker article:

“‘To make a woman adorable,’ one female successful screenwriter says, ‘you have to defeat her at the beginning… It’s as simple as making the girl cry, fifteen minutes into the movie.’ Relatability is based on vulnerability, which creates likeability. With male characters, smoking pot, getting drunk, and lying around watching porn is likeable; with females, the same conduct is hateful. So funny women must not only be gorgeous; they must fall down and then sob, knowing it’s all their fault.”

Personally, I think getting her drink/smoke on and taking in some adult entertainment would cause me to like a female character more, not less, because those are things I like to do, too. I had no idea my conduct and that of all my friends was hateful. (Hateful towards boredom, maybe.)

Anyway, the fine folks at Nerve.com have taken this concept and run with it, creating an awesome video collage of various rom-com heroines falling down and being otherwise punished for their hotness. Because that’s what it takes to win our frumpy sympathy. Enjoy?