Okay, okay, National Margarita Day was actually yesterday, but hey, why not keep the party going with these margarita-flavored doughnuts? West Village joint Flex Mussels features desserts created by Zac Young of “Top Chef: Just Desserts.” His latest concoctions? “Drunken doughnuts”: doughnuts with just a dash of booze in them. The margarita-flavored doughnut’s filling is laced with tequila; other flavors Young has dabbled in include chocolate absinthe, blueberry daiquiri, and white Russian. There’s a different drunken doughnut available each night, so you can continue to indulge your alcoholic sweet tooth long after National Margarita Day is over. $9 at Flex Mussels, 154 W. 13th St., New York, NY.

[Via The Wall Street Journal]