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Everything’s coming up Lorde this week, who’s fresh off her Grammys win last Sunday night. I raved about her awesome Grammys manicure, performance, and outfit, and the world celebrated her much deserved wins. In the ensuing Lorde-mania, Buzzfeed managed to unearth a 2009 video of 12-year-old Lorde performing and being interviewed with her high school band, Extreme, and it’s worth watching.

Lorde’s awesome dance moves don’t look like a recent development, since this video shows that her jerky hand/head movements have been there from the start. Especially after watching the video, I am just consistently floored by Lorde’s stage presence. I see a lot of concerts (did I mention I live in Brooklyn? Yeah, I go to a lot of shows. A lot of my friends are musicians, sooo…) and I’ve rarely seen the stage presence that 12-year-old Lorde displayed on musicians older than me. I truly don’t understand how a person can have that much natural poise.

[youtube_iframe id=”5a4oJLh8BWg”]


On an unrelated note: I really hope we don’t fan-girl Lorde to death. I adore her, but I think sometimes the Internet gets a hold of someone and then it stops being fun because we dissect their every single action (this article is doing it, right now!). This is why we can’t have nice things.

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