Zoolander Life 1(GIF: Reddit)

Zoolander is a cult classic film. Not only did it give us plenty of laughs (hello, ants), it also taught us a lot of valuable life lessons. Of course it taught us a lot about fashion and what it is like to be really, really ridiculously good-looking. Zoolander 2 will no doubt give us many more great LOL lines while simultaneously teaching us many more lessons about fashion, modeling and life. Before you go see the new film that comes out today, let’s recall what the original movie taught us.

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These are the life lessons that we learned from Zoolander:

1. Orange Mocha Frappuccinos are great, but fooling around at the gas station isn’t.Zoolander Orange

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Orange Mocha Frappuccinos are great. Hanging out with your fellow male models is great. Driving in a Jeep listening to George Michael is great. Having fun at the gas station is not. It results in you having to attend a funeral and an after-funeral party.

2. If you need to settle something, do it in a walk-off.Zoolander Walk Off

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Some people like to discuss their problems while others like to write everything down to resolve them. If you want to solve things in the male model way, you settle your beef in a walk-off. If David Bowie and Billy Zane are there, it is even better.

3. You can always incorporate your modeling experience into whatever you’re doing.Zpp;amder 1

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Once a male model, always a male model. It doesn’t matter whether you retire or go on a brief hiatus. It is in your blood. You can still incorporate all of your modeling skills in whatever you do next, be it working the mines or working at a center for children who cannot read good.

4. It is important to keep up with modern technology.Zoolander Computer

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It is great if you have got a handle on your phone, but you also have to keep up with new computers. If you think that slapping the computer like a monkey will make it work, you need to brush up on your tech.

5. Never underestimate the power of a signature look.Zoolander Look

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And never feel that you have to bring a look out before it is ready. Derek has his Blue Steel, Le Tigre, Ferrari and Magnum. He waited to bring Magnum out until he had perfected it. When he did, it was able to stop a Chinese throwing star.

6. Always have that one special walk-off trick ready.ZOo

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If you’re going to do battle on the runway, you need to bring something special to make sure you win it. It could be pulling off your underwear while still wearing pants like Hansel, or it could be something else that is just as clever.

7. It is critical that you get everyone’s coffee orders right.Zoolander Mugatu Latte

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People are very, very particular about their coffee. If you get their order wrong, they will be pissed and that could result in them throwing scalding coffee at you. If the barrista has made it wrong, make sure you tell him/her because it could make someone farty. When they know they’re going to get farty, they’re are going to throw their coffee at your face.

8. Sometimes everyone will see things different than you.Zoolander Crazy

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Everyone is an individual so they have different interpretations of things. In some cases, your interpretation of something may be completely different than the majority and it may drive you slightly crazy. Everyone else may clearly see the difference between Zoolander’s Blue Steel, Le Tigre and Ferrari, but you may not.

9. Always have a good comeback line ready.Zoolander Balls

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Having a good comeback line is as important as having a signature look or being really, really ridiculously good-looking. You have to win the argument just like you have to win the walk-off.