I’ve often felt positively about Zosia Mamet. Her character Shoshanna is one of the best things about Girls, and she seems like a thoughtful young lady in interviews. But public opinion may be about to turn on her with this latest bit of embarrassing publicity she has perpetrated upon herself.

Zosia Mamet and her sister Clara (who is also an actress) recently made a Kickstarter page asking their fans for $32,000 to make a music video for their song “Bleak Love,” a stripped down, lovelorn spiritual which has instrumentation consisting of 1.) their voices, and 2.) handclaps. But just because the song cost approximately $0 to compose and record doesn’t mean they are going to settle for a minimalist music video shot on cheap equipment! They are actresses, after all.

Write the sisters:

The sisters Mamet introduce their unique brand of folk via body percussion, banjo and harmonies. This will be their first music video.

This music video for Bleak Love is our chance to realize through the visual artistry of some very talented people the universal feeling of un-requited love. Visually the video will bounce from opulence to sparseness, French Baroque to a simple, timeless and heartbroken. We are hoping to capture something everyone has felt at some point int their lives.

French Baroque ain’t cheap! But why should I, a person with many good causes to choose from, donate a chunk of my hard earned cash to people who are already rich and famous, a band in which all of the members have David Mamet for a father? Are these young musicians just so serious, amazing and ambitious that I should be thrilled to be getting in on the ground floor?

As you heard in our video this band sort of just happened. We come from a musical family and music has been a common bond for us since a young age. The universe has given us both an opportunity to make a living in our young adult lives as creative people and it is one of the greatest privledges a person could ask for, the ability to do what you love. This has become another opportunity for that privledge. Being in the entertainment industry has its lesser known downsides, like being taken out of the town your family lives in or the demanding schedules that prevent attendance at family functions. We are, despite our wonderful jobs at GIRLS and NEIGHBORS, just sisters.

Translation: you should donate to this project so the poor, famous, overworked Mamet sisters can hang out and have fun together, as sisters. Please note the ironic misspelling of “privilege.”

Considering Zosia and Clara’s fame and connections, it seems like it should be pretty easy for them to get a music video made for cheap and/or free by one of their many talented friends with a camera, no? But even if they couldn’t, wouldn’t it be pretty easy for them to scrape together the money themselves? Most of the people on Kickstarter who can’t do that.

There is also the idea that we should donate money to a band that doesn’t even have an EP out simply because of who they are. And if you don’t think they are using “who they are” as a major selling point, check out the prizes on the right:

Pledge $8,000 or more

Zosia Mamet’s (director styled) set chair, from season 2, signed by the GIRLS! with Shoshanna embroidered in its back you could have a piece of television memorabilia and help the cause! plus a t-Shirt, signed vinyl and digital download

That’s right: $8,000 will get you a Girls-branded chair.

Finally, there’s the nugget of info that’s dropped in towards the end: despite the video having a $32,000 budget, some people will be working on it in exchange for travel expenses and food. I like your acting, Zosia Mamet, and I even like your song (singular), but maybe you should quit it with this nonsense before you become more the most widely reviled figure since Amanda Palmer.

(Via Gothamist)

Photo: The Cabin Sisters