Welcome to our brief, painless shot of NYFW love: #1 Crush. We’re taking a single look from some of the shows we attend and explaining why it caught our fancy.

I stopped by the Standard Hotel after Richard Chai yesterday for the M. Patmos presentation. M. Patmos is Marcia Patmos, one half of the dearly departed and much loved knitwear line Lutz & Patmos. The small, 12-look collection was restrained and chic (and let’s give credit where its due for her efforts in support of environmentally-friendly fashion). Anyway, this season, M. Patmos is tasked with the question: “How do you make a knit sweater for Spring?” To which she replies: “Fill it with gaps.” I like the subtle display of skin, I like how that is balanced with a lovely, simple gray trousers. More than anything, though, I’m a sucker for blue and black.