Pamella Roland makes gorgeous, elegant dresses that are perfect for wearing to charity balls. Many are also suitable for slightly more quotidian types of fancy parties, if you’re the sort of person who likes to get really dolled up. Today’s Spring 2012 show contained a wide variety of lengths and colors, but I’m a sucker for a classic silhouette with a dramatic back, and this all-white stunner was just that.

A lot of people seemed to agree with me that this dress was the best, as it was one of the hardest dresses to photograph due to excessive crowding. The models all stood on these picture frame-like pedestals arranged around the perimeter of a circular room, and everyone sort of milled about and jockeyed for good vantage points. I also liked that Roland chose a darker-skinned model to show off this dress, because the bright white color looked really beautiful against her skin tone. Not just anyone can pull off this shade of white! I guess it also helps to be a fashion model.