The French are known for many things and one of them is their sense of style. It’s as if the moment they fall from their mother’s womb they have the whole fashion thing down perfectly. Where is the justice?

I once had a chat with a French woman about this apparent gene with which they’re all born and how it’s really shitty of them to hog such a wonderful thing. Have you seen the way some people dress in America? Do you know what it’s like to bustle through the streets of New York in between Thanksgiving and New Year’s and be subjected to Americans on vacation? I do not dine in restaurants that use the term “casual dining” to explain their “style” policy, I only wear flip-flops when I’m getting a pedicure and the last time I had Wonder Bread I was five years old and probably swiped someone else’s lunch because I was confused… or something.

The French woman’s answer to this superior style was simple: “We have everything tailored to fit us perfectly; you guys [Americans] just put a fucking belt on it and think it’s OK.” Touché.

In honor of tomorrow’s Bastille Day here are 10 French women who are either icons, or icons in the making, who have made their impact on the world with both their sense of style and their talents. Vive la France!