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I know when you think of The Gloss you immediately think, “hard-hitting investigative journalism,” and that is exactly the reputation I’m here to solidify, right here, right now. First, I went in firsthand, undercover you might say, and tackled “10 Poses Every Fashion Blogger Does,” from “Laughing into the Abyss” to “The Stoop Kid.” Word on the street (also known as the comments section) is that I totally nailed it.

But now I really wanted to dig deep into these fashion and lifestyle bloggers’ Instagram feeds. Brought to you by hours of scrolling and a keen eye for berries, I present: the 10 photographs every style blogger takes.

1. The Brunch Shot

The brunch shot is more than a trend, it’s an epidemic. One that’s moving to infect even us commoners. I’ve done it, you’ve done it, let’s just all admit it.

JuliaHengel Instagram

my girl, @juliahengel

@carly Instagram

@carly (College Prepster), one of the brunch masters


I want to eat everything @margaret_zhang eats. NOW.

2. Bloggers Love Berries

Seriously, bloggers love berries more than fashion.

@carly Instagram



This particular shot is from @creativewithak, but I swear this exact photo showed up on my feed at least 12 times this summer.


Late season berries from @nycpretty

3. Graffiti Walls

Who the hell can blame them, there is some mad cool graffiti in my Instagram feed and I love it.


one hell of a cool shot from @margieplus


@ashleynii in front of a sweet wall which I would like to find


@blaireadiebee is mad cool, you should start following her


oh my god this one from @troprouge wins

4. The “I Eat Junk Food, Just Like You!”

Just kidding, I’m sure even the most modelesque (new word) bloggers indulge every once in awhile.

@stopitrightnow Instagram

@stopitrightnow is ’bout that chipotle mayo life, and I say AMEN TO THAT


@songofstyle eats donuts? Alright….

@natalieoffduty Instagram

@natalieoffduty noms

5. Doors, Literal Doors

I’ve never known so many people to be fascinated by cute doors in real life, but apparently this fixation is all too real.

@MackenzieHoran Instagram


@looklingerlove Instagram


@greaseandglamour Instagram

@greaseandglamour in Italia!

6. Swimsuits On My Bed Because I’m Too Classy To Show Myself Wearing Them

Smart play girls, smart play. For the more scandalous: substitute lingerie.


Stephanie Liu of @honeynsilk and wow do I want those suits…

 Instagram @looklingerlove


@mackenziehoran Instagram


Instagram @amy_marietta

Ooh scandal by @amy_marietta

7. The Staged Paparazzi Shot

Also known as the “New York Fashion Week Street Cross”

@theglobalgirl Instagram

@theglobalgirl, stopping traffic

@songofstyle Instagram

@songofstyle was the queen of these this #NYFW

@manrepeller Instagram

@manrepeller honestly looks mad adorable in this photo

8. The Funny Event Photobooth Shot

Obviously, designed to make you want to feel like one of the gals! And dammit it works every time.

@thecourtneykerr in a classic fun event photobooth shot

@thecourtneykerr in a classic fun event photobooth sho

It's too cute, I can't even. @juliahengel

It’s too cute, I can’t even. @juliahengel





9. Oh My God The Flowers

There are three different close-up flower shots all within scrolling range on my Instagram feed as we speak, and here they are.

@sincerelyjules, who I think only wears jean shorts

@sincerelyjules, who I think only wears jean shorts

@juliahengel, my one true love

@juliahengel, my one true love

@evachen212, admittedly a magazine editor but I'm still counting it

@evachen212, admittedly a magazine editor but I’m still counting it

10. Skylines For Days

bet you weren't expecting it to be Indonesia! Mixing it up with @mkoesnadi

bet you weren’t expecting it to be Indonesia! Mixing it up with @mkoesnadi

@natalieoffduty, NYC

@natalieoffduty, NYC



Runner’s Up that just missed the cut:

  • The “Decisions, Decisions” Nail Polish Wall Picture
  • The “Whats In My Purse?”
  • The Lone Hat And Sunglasses On The Beach
  • The Designer Bag Next To Pigeon Toed Feet
  • The “Look At How Much Cute Travel-Sized Stuff I Have” (Packing)
  • Vintage Cameras
  • Starbucks, Mostly Chai
  • Macaroons
  • Look At My Silly Sketches (Oh Wait They’re Amazing)
  • To-Do Lists
  • See This Seascape Through My Sunglasses

Any more that I’m missing?