Justin Bieber performing live in concert

Well we’re winding down on 2013, so I’m unable to stop myself from looking back on the year. This was really Justin Bieber‘s year, wasn’t it? Well, maybe, but not for getting dressed. Not even close. Oh my gosh, Bieber dresses so badly, you guys. I mean he really is a walking fashion disaster.

For one thing, the man’s never met a dropped crotch he doesn’t love. He can’t resist the airy feeling around his unmentionables that a dropped crotch provides, and clearly feels very encumbered by snug fitting pants. This can only mean great things for his sperm count, since underpants that are too tight warm the testicles and adversely affect sperm count and mobility. So at the very least, Bieber is killing it on a sperm count level.

Bieber also can’t do without a good distressed denim vest, flat billed hat, and his trademark pout. If he even manages to keep his shirt on (which he frequently cannot commit to), he loves a loud print to complement his frequent skirt-pants. I assume he employs a stylist of some sort, who spends most days popping Xanax and assuming he or she will never work again.

Photos: Getty Images, PCN, WENN[ITPGallery]