KN Cool DaywearWomen like to feel sexy, yet comfortable throughout the day. The problem is most sexy women’s underthings don’t offer comfort, especially on hot days. KN Cool Daywear, a part of the Karen Neuberger collection, offers sexy pieces that feel cool and comfortable. Trust me on this, you’ll really enjoy wearing them. Whether you choose to wear them under your clothes during the day or to sleep in at night, you will feel cooler and more confident – and that was the plan from the start.

You see, the material used in the KN Cool Daywear is lightweight yet wicks away moisture so you won’t feel sweaty or itchy. As someone who is starting to experience hot flashes, I can tell you first hand that these Daywear pieces really are cooling. Women who are undergoing chemotherapy, pregnant or experiencing postpartum might also appreciate the cooling effects of the KN Cool Daywear line. I like how I don’t feel like everything I’m wearing under my clothing feels wet after a sweaty hot flash. To be fair, I wore these a couple of times and yes, they really do wick away the sweat.

Even if you don’t experience any kind of hot flashing, you’ll love this line! While I’ve been wearing mine during the day, I can’t wait to try it out during the hot summer nights. They come in pretty pastel colors and retail for between $9 and $24. KN also has a maternity and sleepwear line too. Visit the Karen Neuberger store for more details.

It should also be noted this line is easy to clean and retains it’s shape even after a couple of washings. It doesn’t fade or turn shiny and can be used with fabric softeners. There’s not need to hand wash, always a plus in my book.

Would you like to try it out too? The fine folks at KN Cool Daywear are offering 10 camisole/panty sets to give away to The List Maven’s readers. 10 sets people! The odds are pretty good here. Tell me your favorite ways to keep cool on hot summer nights and I’ll enter you in the running. Try them, and tell us what you think!

Contest ends April 15th. 

Images courtesy KN Cool Daywear.