Christmas is just days away, and you’re probably already fretting over what to wear (probably not). When it comes to Christmas morning, you’d be an absolute lunatic to put real clothes on, and you should really go for adult onesies or footie pajamas. It’s really the only way to embody the Christmas spirit, as far as I’m concerned.

I am known for my love of the adult onesie. First of all, why wear two pieces of clothing when you can wear one novelty item? Secondly, do you know that some of them have butt flaps? Butt flaps! I defy you to find anything on earth that’s more delightful than butt flaps.

adult onesie

Just for good measure, let’s all take a look at me last year on Christmas morning, wearing my happiest face and snuggly striped onesie. Look how cute that little sour soul looks! Wait, should I get bangs again?

Christmas morning is for drinking spiked hot chocolate (whatever), eating homemade cinnamon rolls, tearing open your gifts, and watching movies. It’s not a day for shoes, or bras for that matter. If we can all agree that you’re not going to get dressed like some sort of diplomat, then we should all move straight into an excellent selection of hilariously modeled onesies (with, of course, commentary) for you to wear on Christmas morning.

Photo: Facebook, Shutterstock