Fashion night out: the one night a year where you get to lift your head up and say “wait, I’m completely overwhelmed by all the screaming and jostling. I want to go home and curl up in a little ball under a warm blanket. I want my home to by the 24 hour donut pub. Maybe I’m autistic.” You’re not autistic (you only have aspergers, maybe)! You’re just experiencing the only thing that will get Anna Wintour in a T-shirt. That thing is apparently 3000 people screaming and jumping up and down in unison because Posh Spice is in the lobby of Bergdorf’s. God, it’s terrifying. Like being in a water buffalo stampede. But Lilit and I are going to cover it for you, because we’re brave little aspies, and this is a fashion and beauty blog.

In case you forgot, Fashion Night Out is September 10th, and you can check out the full list of activities here.

This is where we’ll be going. If you feel like stalking us, please bring donuts and a blanket. [ITPGallery]