Do you remember where you were when Princess Diana died? Sure you do. I feel like it’s one of the first big historical events that people in their twenties do remember. And one day, when we’re old, we’ll make lame old-people jokes about how our inappropriately young partners were in the womb when Princess Diana died. Or how they think she was a lingerie model. Because of this stupid ad.

It’s made by a Chinese lingerie company called Jealousy International. The motto for the line translates to “Feel the Romance of British Royalty.” Why is this offensive? This is why:

1) That is not actually Princess Diana. It is her head painted onto a body.

2) That body is in underwear.

3) For God’s sake, the woman died.

4) In a tragic accident.

5) The cello in that picture is really just used to smuggle cocaine

6) I think that about all cellos. Also, violins. Musical instruments get stereotyped for a reason. String quartets are all made up of drug lords.

7) Who plays a cello in underwear when their children frolic?

8) I’ll give you a clue: not Princess Diana

9) Princess Diana was considered outrageous and shocking because she wore a black dress to a formal party.

10) There is nothing wrong with hanging out in your underwear. Everybody loves no pants time. However, the is nothing about this ad that is right.