skb-love-icon Ever wondered what the right words are to say to a naked woman? If you’ve been with your partner for a long time, obviously, you’ve know what the 10 sexy things to say to a naked woman. A woman wouldn’t stay with a Wam-Bam-Thank-You-Ma’am kind of man. Well, confident, happy, committed, and mature Women anyway.  Hmmmm, or maybe not. I don’t know. It depends which Woman I guess. I’d like to believe that once a women approaches the age of 30 that she’d prefer commitment over one-night-stands. But that’s just my “ideal” world, heh. So ignore me? :) .  Anyhoooo, Men’s Health compiled a list and here’s what they have to say on the 10 Sexy Things A Man Should Say To A Naked Woman with my own comments of course.

1. “It’s Ok for Us To Go Slow”. Definitely. Ever heard of a thing called foreplay?

2. “This heart-shaped freckle on your right inner thigh is so beautiful“. Compliments. If she has no freckles, well, I’m sure you”ll find a cute feature to focus on.

3. “You“. I’m guessing coz some Women love to be the center of attention? :)

4. “You kiss great, _____” . Coz Women love affirmation that they’re doing good, perhaps?

5. “I’m going to take these off“. Yes, stop asking whether you should do something, be errr, dominant and just do it. ;)

The rest after the fold……..

6. “You make me think dirty thoughts“. This could be a little tricky though. Some Women might not like hearing dirty things while in the middle of sex. So I guess it depends how well you know your lady.

7. “I want to make you feel good“. But of course. Women always comes first. *ahem*

8. “Next time, I’m going to take you on the hobbyhorse“. It’s called the “afterplay”. Just as relevant as the foreplay.

9. “You amaze me“. Again, with the compliments.

10. “Let me get back to you on that“. Ala Sean Connery on Entrapment. Rule #2, Never trust a naked woman. Women knows when they’re being BS’d. So don’t make commitments about going camping or going to Disney World with the family just because she’s naked in front of you. She knows better so be careful and honest. She’ll appreciate it more. :)

Well, there you go. I’m sure you guys have known these all along. If not, I hope the list helps :) .

*Men’s Health