1) Jenna Rose appears to be wearing a skirt for the vast majority of the video.

2) Is this a thing? Are the jeans supposed to signify the transformation to a better life at the end? Her life that… looks no better at the end?

3) Why do we see none of the celebrities wearing her jeans? I am skeptical.

4) Were rhinestone jeans not a popular staple at The Limited Too in 1995?

5) Did they not end in 1995?

6) Are they maybe just talking about jeans in general? Like, yes, The Black Eyed Peas do have a penchant for denim?

7) What does a blackberry have to do with anything?

8) Why not an iPhone?

9) Product placement? Also, wait, she’s driving a car. She’s 12 and driving a car.

10) Wait. Wait. What does “jack my swag” even mean? I would think it would mean “take my stuff.” So she is… encouraging people to steal her jeans?