tumblr feminists rock

A few months ago, we responded to a viral Huffington Post article, “23 Trends Guys Hate (But Women Love)” with our own list: 10 Reasons Women Don’t Care If Men Like Their Clothes. The original article has started circulating again lately– and thank goodness for the Tumblr feminist community. Badass, socially conscious bloggers worldwide have started responding in hilarious ways. Here are some of the highlights.


1. Punkrockghoul took it upon herself to demonstrate how a real champion responds to stupid misogyny– by wearing as many of the “offending” trends as possible.


2. Annieleonhardt pretty much just tells it like it is. Straight up.


3. Then we have ssv-normandy providing a helpful list of “trends that turn women off” to help balance out the debate.


4. The delightful screaminfuschia rocks a handful of man-hated trends, as well. Looking good.

5. KayleeCommons puts misogynists in their place with this brilliant video. “Kaylee, what big sunglasses you have,” she says. “The better to block out the blinding bullshit, my dear.”


6. Then we have the awesome 1dsospref, who’s just had enough of your sexism crap. “If you do something and there is an article or a guy that says they don’t like it, put your middle finger high in the air and do what you want (as long as it’s not illegal or dangerous to others.)” Right on.


7. Another lovely lady who doesn’t give a crap if you like her style or not! Stridernostrifing rocks the flawless combo of high-waisted shorts and leggings.


8. Just-dewott looks hot and feminist (which are basically synonyms) in her neon colors and red lipstick, as per usual.


9. The beautiful sommiequeen joins the STFU selfie club and shows off her flawless bold makeup.


10. “Bright red lipstick: check,” says electric-fur.

In case you missed the message: uh, we don’t care if you like our clothes. We don’t care if you like our shoes, we don’t care if you like our makeup, we don’t care if you like our hair. Women don’t get dressed in the morning for the sole purpose of arousing you, just like your gym shorts, cargo pants, stained t-shirts, and lazy-ass baseball caps don’t get our blood pumpin’. Sorry, bros.