I’m all about jeans and a t-shirt. It’s an old standby I always feel completely comfortable in – provided I have taken the necessary measures to make sure the outfit still comes together and doesn’t slide into the dreaded category of…sloppy.

Given just how many pairs of jeans and piles of t-shirts reside in my closet, I’ve picked up a few tips along the way on how to make this outfit work with minimal effort. Here are a few tactics I recommend.

Dressing up Jeans and A T-Shirt
  1. Pick a crisp white shirt instead of a pattern – it’s like a blank canvas waiting for the perfect accessories.
  2. I prefer a t-shirt that falls just below my hip bone and is a little bit on the looser side, but you might prefer something more tailored and form fitting. What makes you feel most comfortable will always look best.
  3. A boatneck can be romantic, v-neck is sporty and crew neck a bit preppy. Choose wisely for your personality.
  4. Be brutal about trying on and picking the right jeans. Fit is everything, so if you can’t find a brand off the rack that makes your curves look amazing, get a tailor to do the job for you.
  5. Sometimes all it takes is a sexy pair of heels to push your basic outfit to a more formal level.
  6. Accessories like big bangles or a chunky necklace can make a statement but still exude a special sort of relaxed confidence.
  7. The purse you choose should reflect what you’re up to and where you are headed for the day – or evening – but don’t under estimate the statement your unassuming handbag makes when you meet up with someone.
  8. For your makeup, pick a feature (eyes, lips, cheeks) and emphasize instead of spackling on a whole face full of makeup.
  9. A scarf comes in handy under all sorts of circumstances – tuck a colorful version in your bag and see where it takes you.
  10. A pop of color with bright, well manicured nails can look youthful and fun without seeming childish. Lots of emphasis on the well manicured part.