Uh-oh. Nicki Minaj better stay out of Sarasota, Florida.

In effort to find exactly in what states you can legally waltz into a store in just a bikini, I’m came across something even better. In Sarasota, Florida “it is illegal to sing while wearing a bathing suit.” It only makes sense, of course, because if you’re going to sing, you should always be fully clothed. Singing along to Robyn in your two-piece at the beach is going to get you in trouble. It’s wrong; it’s inappropriate in all ways and when they drag you off to jail, I will salute the cops who do so.

Some of these laws are great, some are just plain weird, and there are definitely a ton more out there, I’m sure. But whoever passed some of them should be awarded for such craziness! Either way, I’m moving to Fargo.