It’s the Friday after Fashion Week! Time to kick back, crack a beer and think back on the craziness that has come to pass upon New York. But as sad as I am that I didn’t get the honor of attending in the flesh this year, I still watched from a distance (I’m talking like, all the way across the country) as the madness unfolded so that I could bring you THE ELEVEN MOST WTF MOMENTS OF NYFW 2013. And they are:

1. PR rep accidentally publicizes the names of the celebrities who are too important to attend her show, whoops!

2. Fashion assholes tried to sell their tickets to shows at outrageous prices, and people actually bought them. Come on, normals. If you stop acting like fashion week is cool, it will cease to be so. It’s like believing in fairies. You have the power to slay this beast.

3. Anna Wintour cracked a rare smile.


(But it was at Harper Seven Beckham, so it’s still fairly in character for her.)

4. Tyra Banks dressed up as Cara Delevingne (see above), and the resemblance was actually pretty good. (Photo)

5. Kanye West ranted about a bunch of stuff, is perfect, should not ever change.

6. Subway had a fashion show of clothes made out of sandwich wrappers at which nary a sandwich was eaten.

7. A plastic surgeon paraded his patients down the runway in what I can only assume is a glimpse at the future of beauty-related trade shows. (Plastic surgery week?)

8. The Blonds’ entire spring collection.

9. This:

Rodarte - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014

Photo: Getty

10. The fact that all of the models were still white, and still, nobody much cared.

11. The fact that most models were still expected to work for free, like modeling is some sort of pretend tea party with your stuffed animals and not labor for which one might reasonably expect wages.