dita von teese sexy halloween costumes

So you want to go for a sexy Halloween costume? Good for you. I’ve done it myself. But while the world is full of sexy Halloween costumes that are sexified versions of the most random things, perhaps you would rather dress up as something that is already sexy, instead of going as like a sexy crayon or a sexy bag of Fritos or whatever else came in a $30 bag from Leg Avenue and goes well with clear heels.

But there are tons of things out there that are actually sexy that you could go as. Like:

Early Madonna

Madonna Like A VirginYou could go as almost any Madonna, but we vote for 1980s Madonna because you get to wear lingerie and lace and awesome fingerless gloves. You’ll also be instantly recognizable, so nobody will have to look at you in a perplexed fashion and ask, “So you’re … French fries, but naked?”

Miley at the VMAs

miley cyrus sexy halloween costumesThis is a pop culture costume that everyone is going to want to do this year, which is good if you do not have any friends because it means you can just pretend you’re doing a group costume with the whole world.

Dita Von Teese

dita von teese sexy halloween costume

Dita Von Teese is like the sexiest woman alive, and as a Halloween costume she presents an array of options from modest ballgown to just totally nude. If you want to be sexy and covered-up, just go as Dita at Cannes. If you want to cavort in some fun stockings and underpants, pick up a couple pieces of her lingerie line.

Marilyn Monroe

marilyn monroe sexy halloween costumes

This is such a go-to sexy Halloween costume you probably own it already. The best part is that the dress is totally wearable in real life.


elvira sexy halloween costumesIt pains my heart that this is old-school and retro now. Young people will not know who you are dressed as. But Elvira is the classic sexy Halloween lady, and this is not a difficult costume. Just get a black wig and dress and shove your boobs up around your ears using our handy tutorial.

Baywatch babes

baywatch sexy costumes

If you have a blonde wig or blonde hair, be Pamela Anderson. If you do not, just be a random Baywatch lady. I don’t think they have names.

Princess Leia

slave leia sexy halloween costumes

Princess Leia was covered from foot to earlobe for most of Star Wars, but then she got that metal bikini in The Empire Strikes Back Return of the Jedi and became one of the sexiest Halloween costumes around.

Poison Ivy

kim kardashian poison ivy sexy halloween costume

Poison Ivy is undoubtedly the sexiest Batman villain (Catwoman is great, but redheads always win). She’s also basically wearing a Playboy Bunny outfit made of leaves.

Carmen Dell’Orefice

carmen dell orefice sexy halloween costumesCarmen Dell’Orefice is 82 and one of the sexiest women alive. I want to be her. Not for Halloween, just for real life.

Carmen Miranda

carmen miranda sexy halloween costumesPut on a crop top and a hat made of fruit. Bam! Sexy costume.

Carmen Sandiego

carmen sandiego sexy halloween costumeThe name Carmen appears to be inherently sexy. If you want a couple’s costume, find yourself a Waldo.

What sexy things would you dress as this Halloween? Let us know in the comments.

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