Well, it was bound to happen. We recently brought you this video of “Mad Men” actress Kiernan Shipka playing the role of a child psychiatrist for Funny or Die, and now, she’s parlaying that non-Draper turn into the fashion world, blogging at Lucky magazine in a series called “eight days, eight outfits.” In it, she posts photos of herself and tells readers what she’s wearing. I.e. “the jeans are J Brand and I wear them all the time!”

Of Shipka, the magazine writes: “The 11-year-old Mad Men actress/emerging fashion star reveals eight days of her personal style. Hint: she takes cues from Tavi.”

So, look — all that might be true. Shipka might be an “emerging fashion star.” She might be a fucking prodigy. And she is totally adorable, and she really does have some cute outfits on in the spread.

But she’s eleven. And Lucky is for grown-ass women. Shipka should blog as much as she wants, and exercise that fashion muscle of hers, but the editors at Lucky are perhaps a bit misguided here. After all, I don’t know about you, but I’m not that into taking fashion cues from fifth graders.