skb-love-icon.jpgNow that I’ve dissected Men’s Health 41 Ways to Melt A Woman’s Heart, let me share with you guys the REAL ways to melt a woman’s heart. And it only takes 15. Contrary to what magazines or desperate women waiting for a Prince to rescue them acting like gurus write about it doesn’t take much for us Woman to be happy. I’m not a professional love adviser or anything but being married for 10 years, I think I’ve learned a few things when it comes to love and relationship in the real world that I can truthfully share with all of you. Here they are, in random order….

1. Don’t Be A Total Asshole. There’s a difference between being an asshole yet still capable of truly caring and loving someone and being an asshole who’s also a big jerk who don’t give a damn whatsoever.

2. Don’t Be A Lying, Cheating Son Of A Gun.

3. Buy Her Flowers. Any Day. No Occasions Necessary. They don’t have to be expensive all the time. A single rose would melt any Woman’s heart.

4. Make Her Laugh Her Ass Off.

5. Take The Trash Out.

6. Help Out With The Laundry. You don’t Need To Put Her Clothes Away, But Feel Free To Put Yours Away.

7. Cook Breakfast or Dinner For The Whole Family Once In A While.

8. Give Her The Remote Control, Sometimes.

9. Genuinely Enjoy Spending Time With The Children. If you don’t have kids yet, spend time with nephews and nieces or friend’s children.

10. Do A LOT of Kissing, Hugging and Cuddling. Kiss Her Before You Leave For Work. Tell Her “I Love You” before heading out the door. Call her from work on your break time. Kiss her when you get home. Grab her while she’s cooking dinner or doing dishes or when you pass her, then hug and kiss her. Kiss and tell her “I Love You” before bedtime. Cuddle for a bit before getting comfortable on your side of the bed. Cuddle on a Saturday Morning.

11. When you pick up a 6/12-pack on a Friday night, pick up a bottle of wine or the ingredients for a Margarita mix for her. Make the Margarita once the kids are in bed and hand her the glass and refill it without her asking.

12. Pick up little things in the store that you know she loves. Like fashion magazines, or a chocolate bar, favorite chips, anything.

13. When she’s taking a cat nap on the couch, tell the kids to be quiet. If you don’t have kids, well then YOU be quiet.. LOL

14. Take her to a major shopping spree. Trust me, Women love to shop.

15. Sex, of course. Be ready when she is. Give her foreplay. Satisfy her. All that good stuff.

There you go. Most women ARE happy. And they are not that hard to please. So many things these days are trying to turn us into desperate insecure bitches trying to snag a man and when we do we supposedly turn into witches. That’s the unrealistic picture in their head, but in reality, Women who are happy, confident, sure a little bit insecure(who isn’t) won’t have a problem picking up socks, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, taking care of the children as long as they are appreciated and treated with respect, love and care.

Now if you’re talking about the women in Brett’ Michaels’ Rock of Love 2 show, well they’re a different set of women species. Those you need to stay away from. If you’re like Brett Michaels or Scott Baio who are in their 40’s yet still can not decide whether to be a MAN or a pig, then you’re on your own buddy.