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We’ve written a lot about making fashion accessible to everyone who wants it, and rage over the fact that clothing companies tend to be geared towards a mostly made up and impossible beauty ideal. What I didn’t realize was how much that extended to shoes, as well. If you wear a size 10 or over, it can be near impossible to find stores that carry shoes in your size.

The options out there can be boring, ugly, and downright orthopedic. With the help of some of my colleagues, we rounded up 16 pairs of shoes from the best retailers to check out when trying to find shoes in your size. As it happens, a lot of recognizable, trendy brands make their shoes in extended sizes, but it can be difficult to track them down in stores, but these retailers carry tons and tons of brands, styles, and varieties, regardless of size. There’s basic sneakers, sparkly heels, delicate flats, and strappy sandals, all in “non standard”* sizes.

You all know I have a serious aversion to color, but I think I stepped up my game and tried to broaden my color horizons on this one. I also resisted the urge to do another post of only witch booties.

*Also call it “non-standard” or “extended” sizing is stupid, because everyone’s feet are standard. They’re feet.


Nordstrom has an extended size shop on their website, which includes larger sizes and extended calf sizes (in addition to extra narrow and smaller shoe sizes). The site listed 5,841 different shoe styles in larger sizes, and you’d never know that you’re in a niche category of the store. Here’s a few of my favorite styles, all available up to a size 13.

Keds® ‘Champion’ Canvas Sneaker, $34.95


Franco Sarto ‘Andes’ Flat, $99.95

andes flat

Adam Tucker Me Too Slip-On, $89.95

adam me too

B.P. ‘Trolley’ Ankle Boot, $99.95

bp trolley ankle

Barefoot Tess

Barefoot Tess only carries shoes sizes 10 and over, so there won’t be any disappointment when you discover they don’t make shoes in your size. It carries a good deal of brands (although I have only heard of about a third of them), including their own brand, B.F.T. I also love that the company was started by a mother-daughter team. Here’s some favorites:

Steve Madden ‘Tailor’ Flat, $29

tailor flat

Available up to a size 11.

B.F.T. by Barefoot Tess ‘Edina’ Sandal, $29

edina sandal

Available up to a size 15.

Betsey Johnson ‘Next Step’ Sneaker, $129

next step sneaker Available up to a size 14.

B.F.T. by Barefoot Tess ‘Campbell’ Flat , $69

campbell flat

Available up to a size 14.

Shoes of Prey 

Shoes of Prey is an incredible site. They will custom make shoes up to a size 15 to fit you exactly, and the color/material/style choices are amazing. If your shoes don’t fit, send it back and they’ll alter them at no extra charge. Because these are custom made, they’re slightly more expensive than say, fast fashion stores, but the prices aren’t astronomical. Here’s my favorites, each designed by Shoes of Prey shoppers, and all are available up to a size 15.

Ballet Flats, $129

shoes of prety 2 Heels, $179shoes of prey Flat Oxfords, $129shoes of prey 3

Ankle Boots, $199shoes of prey 1


Because I like shopping online and not taking my shoes off in public, I love Zappos with all my heart. What I didn’t know is that Zappos carries shoes up to size 20. Here’s a few of my favorites, although the site had thousands of options in the 13-20 section. Forgive me for picking two pairs of sneakers. I can’t help myself.

Converse Chuck Taylor® All Stars, $65


Available up to a size 15.

Vans Authentic, $45


Available up to a size 14.5.

Fitzwell Ryann, $79

fitzwell Available up to a size 13WW.

Dr. Martens 1460, $130doc martens

Available up to size 15.

Photos: Tumblr